10 Famous Redheads We Love and Adore

Many obviously redheaded people or dare we say”gingers” make fun of their hair color when they are young. There are a lot of terrible things that people say concerning organic redheads like they do not possess a soul, or that they have freckles for every single soul they steal. And while natural redheads are rare and only make up about 2% of the population, it’s funny how many redheaded celebrities there are. And we love them and their red hair, whether it’s natural or not. Let’s take a look at some famous redheads, shall we?

1. Amy Adams

10 Famous Redheads We Love and Adore |  omgifacts

Amy Adams is a beautiful and talented redhead who has given us some incredible performances in both comedy and drama. She has won two Golden Globes and has been nominated for multiple Oscars and Baftas. And of course, her red hair shade is so pretty that women all over the world beg their hairdresser to copy it. Her natural hair color is cherry blond but she dyed it red once for a picture and enjoyed it so much she simply kept it.

2. Jessica Chastain

10 Famous Redheads We Love and Adore # 2 |  omgifacts

This beautiful Hollywood actress and producer is actually a natural redhead. She refuses to dye her hair natural ginger even for movie roles. She says she was often teased as a child for her hair color and freckles and just wanted to socialize, but eventually, she realized that having something that sets you apart is actually very enriching. So now she loves her red hair and if the role calls for different hair colors, she just wears wigs.

3. Julianne Moore

10 Famous Redheads We Love and Adore # 3 |  omgifacts

No one knows for sure if Julianne Moore is a natural redhead or not, but she’s been sporting this dark brown look for a while and we’re loving it. Her daughter also has a very similar hair color, which makes us think that she is either a natural wonder or that they have the same hairdressing genius.

4. Lindsay Lohan

10 Famous Redheads We Love and Adore # 4 |  omgifacts

Lindsay Lonah has dyed her hair a lot and was blonde for a while. But if you look back at her career and what she looked like in her childhood, it’s fair to assume that she’s a natural redhead. Her freckles also prove the point even more. We adored her hair color on Parent Trap and it looks like she’s going back to her roots in her new character on a British show with Rupert Grint.

5. Emma Stone

10 Famous Redheads We Love and Adore |  omgifacts

This might come as a surprise to many, but Emma Stone is not a natural redhead, in fact, she is blonde. But once she had it painted red, she never came back, and even when she swapped her hair color for roles, she still reverted to her famous redhead look. It suits you very well!

6. Sophie Turner

10 Famous Redheads We Love and Adore # 2 |  omgifacts

Sophie Turner played a famous redhead as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, and while we loved the look, it turns out that Sophie is blonde and only did it for the role. According to Sophie, it was really daunting having to constantly paint her hair red for years while on the show. She always tried to go back to being blonde between seasons, but that was so detrimental to her hair that she started wearing a wig on the show.

7. Julia Roberts

10 Famous Redheads We Love and Adore # 3 |  omgifacts

Julia Roberts was known for her red hair thanks to her character in Pretty Woman. She had big curly red hair and it became a fashion for a while for her to have a reddish-brown color. And although she is naturally dark blonde and has tried a variety of hair colors over the years, she will always be a redhead to us.

8. Christina Hendricks

10 Famous Redheads We Love and Adore |  omgifacts

Christina Hendricks is known for being one of the sexiest redheads in show business, but she never kept a secret that it is not her natural hair color. In fact, she’s quite proud that people thought it looked natural because she used to dye it red at home.

9. Lana Del Rey

10 Famous Redheads We Love and Adore # 2 |  omgifacts

Lana has gone for a darker hair color these days, but we love her as a redhead. Her auburn locks looked so shiny and glamorous and they fit her so well. We hope she returns to that hair color, but according to her hairdresser, she is naturally level 9 blonde. Who would have thought that, right? However, she is a redhead in our hearts.

10. Rupert Grint

10 Famous Redheads We Love and Adore # 3 |  omgifacts

And just for laughs, we thought we’d include it with famous ginger that we all adore and love since our childhood: Rupert Grint. The famous actor who played Ron Weasley is proud ginger. He’s had his fair share of bullying as a child because of his red hair, but ultimately, it’s what sets him apart and gave him the role that changed his life.