10 reasons to do yoga every morning

Hello dear readers! Today I will show 10 reasons to start doing yoga regularly. Every morning I start with yoga practice. Therefore, I decided to share with you the beneficial effects that I get from this habit of mine.

For some time now yoga has become for me not just a hobby, but an integral part of my life. I not only practice myself but also teach yoga classes.

What is yoga

Literally “yoga” means “connection”, “union”, “harmony”. Its benefits for both body and mind have been known for a long time. The first mention of this practice is found in ancient Indian texts of the 17th-11th centuries BC.

In general, yoga is not just stretching or sports exercises, but a deeper spiritual practice. However, nowadays it has become very popular, and today, as a rule, many begin to practice yoga more and more often not to obtain spiritual enlightenment, but rather more for health, well-being, and a sense of inner harmony.

Why exactly yoga?

How is yoga different from any sports? – you ask. The main difference, which I especially like in this practice, is that it affects not only the body, working at the physical level, but also on the consciousness, helping to put thoughts in order.

Yoga makes you more harmonious, even improves your intuition. I noticed that it is often during the practice that very important thoughts and even insights come, I would say. So sometimes, it happens, you think about a problem or don’t know what decision to make. And during the lesson, the correct answer suddenly comes, as if from the very depths of your inner self. And you understand: “this is it! This is what I was looking for, the very answer to my question, the exact solution I needed ”.

Plus, unlike some kind of sports workout, yoga fills you with energy instead of taking it out. Therefore, after class, you feel vigorous and ready to act. There is a desire to do something and move forward.

Morning is the best time to practice

The best time to practice yoga is early morning, just when the sun rises. But you can practice at any other time convenient for you. It is only important that it is not on a full stomach, preferably 3-4 hours after eating.

And if you still practice in the morning, you can wake up much easier, and besides, get a boost of vigor for the whole day ahead.

I love doing yoga in the morning. Standing on the mat right after waking up, I perform the dynamic movements of Salutation to the Sun and gradually drift away from the remnants of sleep, gently stretch my muscles, disperse the blood in the vessels and begin to stir all my joints. This gives a feeling of such lightness that it is even difficult to convey in words, you better try it yourself.

10 reasons to practice yoga every morning

The following 10 reasons will hopefully convince you to incorporate yoga into your daily routine.

  1. Even a 15-minute yoga class will increase your efficiency, and the execution of the planned tasks will go much easier and faster.
  2. After yoga, you will certainly feel lightness in movement and prolong the feeling of youth, regardless of age
  3. Yoga will help you wake up easier and faster
  4. Morning exercises will help to gently stretch your joints and make your muscles work. You will be energized for the whole day.
  5. Regular yoga practice will make your body strong and resilient. As a result, you will become less tired, recuperate quickly, and do more things in a day.
  6. Yoga will help put your thoughts in order. And solving everyday problems will become easier and easier. You can also get fresh ideas and new insights.
  7. By practicing yoga regularly, you can prevent future health problems.
  8. Practicing yoga will strengthen your willpower and help develop the self-discipline that is very important in everyday life.
  9. You don’t need special skills or special equipment to get started. All you need is a rug or blanket and your great desire to practice. You don’t even have to leave the house, you can practice on your own. Better, of course, after a few sessions with a teacher.
  10. Yoga will make your body flexible and relaxed, and your mind clearer and more harmonious.


Even 15 minutes of yoga classes in the morning will bring many benefits to your health and well-being! I am in favor of practicing if only for 10-15 minutes, but regularly then not doing anything at all, or for 2 hours, but once a week. Daily, albeit small in time, sessions will bring much more tangible benefits. And to find only 15 minutes a day to do simple exercises, I’m sure everyone can if they wish.