3-Exercise Express Workout to Reduce Hips

How many experiences and problems are given to women by full, massive hips! Sitting on diets with excess thighs is almost impossible to cope with. Exercise, yes. An express workout consisting of only three exercises, but very effective, will help. They should be performed daily – this is the main condition.

3 effective exercises to correct the volume of the hips

If you practice without laziness, then by the end of the second week of training, you will notice the first results, and after another couple of weeks, you will be able to wear shorts and tight skirts without complexes.

Exercise 1

For the entire complex, you will need a gymnastic mat, all exercises are performed on it, in a lying position.

Sit sideways on the rug – the left side of your body. Tilt the body forward slightly. Lean on the elbow of your left hand for support, support your head with your palm.

  • Bring both legs together and lift them over the rug. Then alternately move your legs back and forth, as if walking through the air.
  • For the first time, 10-15 times are enough, and in the future, bring the execution up to 25-30 times for one side.
  • Repeat the exercise, rolling over to the other side.

Exercise 2

  • Continue to lie on your side, supporting your head with your hand. Place your opposite hand on the floor in front of your chest for support. Bend your upper leg at the knee and rest your foot on the floor, and straighten your lower leg completely.
  • Next, pull your straight leg in the toe and at the same time lift it above the floor – as high as possible, as soon as you can. Lower it down, just slowly. You should feel your thigh muscles tighten. Roll over – and the same with the other leg.

In the first workout, 10 times are enough for each leg, then increase the number of repetitions to 25-30 times. This exercise also works on the calves and feet.

Exercise # 3

  • Lie with your back on the mat, press your spine to the floor. Connect your arms bent at the elbows behind your head and support it. Bend your knees, while your feet should fit snugly to the floor. Place a small ball between your knees.

Perhaps, to maintain this position – during the exercise – at first, you will have to hold on to the leg of a chair or table with one hand.

  • Squeezing the ball with your knees and without lifting your back from the mat, tilt your hips to one side, then to the other. The exercise is difficult, because the ball tends to slip out, so start 10-15 bends. And over time, bring the number of hip bends up to 25-30 times.