35 Profitable Business Ideas from America (USA) 2022

America is a leading country not only in ultra-modern technologies but also in business development. There are many worthy examples that can help many people find an opportunity to earn money on their own in today’s economic conditions. In this article, we have collected 35 profitable business ideas from America (USA) in 2022 that can be implemented in Russia.

Housekeeping Business Ideas

America is a country where, other things being equal, the majority prefers to live in their homes. No wonder the symbol of America is a one-story house. There are many business ideas, both large and small, associated with housekeeping and helping with it.

1. Pet care

These can be activities related to walking dogs and cats, as well as temporary keeping of pets while the owners are on vacation or on a business trip. Even a half-hour walk with a dog will be an invaluable service to owners who do not have enough time for this. She will be richly rewarded.

2. Cleaning business

Often, housewives do not have time to take care of the maintenance of the house, and business ideas related to cleaning, and cleaning both the entire house and individual sections may be suitable options. Window cleaning, snow removal, or lawn mowing: this type of business assumes that the main goal is to free the client from routine household chores.

3. Installation and maintenance of solar panels

Another type of entrepreneurship is connected with the life support systems of houses. More and more houses and cottages are supplied with autonomous power supply systems. There is a wide field for installation, and maintenance of solar panels and wind generators, as well as control systems for this complex economy.

4. Smart houses

The fashion for smart homes is gaining momentum in the world. Some of the functions of protection, life support, and solving everyday problems are taken over by automated systems. You can profitably organize the maintenance of the software of devices related to the internal systems of the house – air conditioning and heating.

5. Small services

Helping or caring for the inhabitants of a house or cottage is a profitable business. Delivery of products ordered by customers through the online store, lunches, and drinks from restaurants. Daycare ideas for small children can also be cost-effective. You can build a scheme of work through network technologies: on the principle of the activities of companies such as Uber or Airbnb.

new farming

Traditional farming is also changing rapidly. In addition, residents of developed countries prefer natural products, and farms offer food and some recreational items.

6. Fish farm

This is not just a pond where carp and trout are caught for serving on the restaurant table, but also a place of rest. For example, the fish caught by the client is baked before his eyes and served with a glass of good white wine.

7. Organic food farms

Here enterprising Americans also went further. Customers may not come to the farm and pick ripe cucumbers, tomatoes, or Chinese cabbage themselves and try to make a salad according to a new recipe. This option is especially attractive for tourists: they will definitely like to come to the vineyard and see the process of making wine with their own eyes, and at the same time taste it.

8. Livestock farms

Often, residents of big cities, especially children, are deprived of such a simple joy as communicating with animals. It is all the more pleasant to come to a farm where rabbits or piglets are raised, to look, stroke, and feed them.

Car business

9. Washing cars at the customer

Despite the fact that the automotive business and market have long-established models and forms of service delivery, there are opportunities for small businesses. In particular, you can organize a small business of washing cars at the customers. The equipment is a trailer (trailer) with an autonomous system for washing and collecting dirty water. A distinctive feature of this format is that the owner of the car does not need to go somewhere to wash the car. Right in the courtyard of the house, you can make a full cycle of car washing.

10. Car sharing

Another form of small business related to the operation of cars is the creation of a car-sharing company. The car is rented not to one person, but to several, depending on the individual schedule of each of them. Payment is made in the form of a subscription. Each participant has his own window of time when he can go about his business. The company assumes the responsibility for servicing and providing the car by the appointed time.

Trade-related businesses

There are still many niches here that supermarkets have not yet managed to occupy, and where there is an opportunity to develop your own small business.

11. Organization of an online store warehouse

The fact that the network of online stores is expanding exponentially is a fact, but not every owner of such an online store has its own logistics center and delivery capabilities. It is profitable to organize your own small warehouse with elements of delivery, and logistics and work with several online stores.

12. Delivery of goods

Delivery of goods both with the help of our own courier service and using modern technologies, for example, delivery of pizza or ice cream to the beach by drones or quadrocopters.

13. Servicing corporate events, family celebrations, and parties

This type of business can be targeted both at a specific group of clients and at holding children’s parties and school celebrations. This includes not only the delivery of products but also, for example, delivering guests to their homes.

14. Thrift store

No wonder there is a saying that everything new is a well-forgotten old. More and more in America, as in other developed countries, there are commission or second-hand shops. Moreover, often such stores have the format of online auctions.

15. Internet platform for the exchange of services

This business combines two main models. The first is the creation of a platform where everyone can offer their services in exchange for others. The second is the organization of offsetting by such services. For example, a person has the opportunity to paint a fence, and in return wants to have a tiled roof repaired. With the help of such a platform, two clients can find each other, and, without losing extra money, get what they need.

16. Self-service stores

Opening a store with vegetables or fruits, everyday little things. The client, having come to such a store, independently chooses the goods, pays himself through the payment terminal. In fact, this store has no staff.

17. Delivery of fresh drinking water

This business occupies a leading position in American homes and offices, and this includes a special water treatment plant.

Real estate

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, many types of traditional businesses will either disappear or change dramatically. The real estate market will be no exception. What is in demand now in the American market?

18. Online real estate agency

The Internet platform combines orders and offers for renting out real estate without the direct participation of an agent. The client himself chooses the object, determines the conditions, the price, and the landlord, in turn, sets his own conditions. The function of an Internet agent is to make mutual settlements between counterparties and to ensure that the services provided meet a certain quality standard.

19. Real estate sharing companies

Business organization is built on the same principle as carsharing. A property, such as a villa, is distributed among many clients. This usually works well with commercial property formats such as motels, hostels, and leisure boats and yachts (eg houseboats).

20. Coworking

Often small companies do not have the opportunity to have their own office, and they have to look for a “corner”, sometimes paying significant amounts for this. The essence of the business is that the premises are bought or rented, for example, a former construction warehouse, put in order, communications are brought in, amenities are created – and here you can organize a couple of dozen office sites. The main thing is to make it convenient for customers to work, to have parking, and everything necessary for business, and engineering communications, including high-speed Internet.


Service sectors of various types and designed for different groups of customers provide a good opportunity to create your own business. What is in demand in America now?

21. Design studio

These services are used not only by the commercial sector but even by homeowners who want to decorate the facade of the house with something unusual. An installation dedicated to the holiday – Columbus Day or the Chinese New Year.

22. 3D printing studios

This is a rapidly growing business where you can print any plastic molds and products by order of customers.

23. Organization of courses, seminars

Americans love face-to-face communication, and there are countless clubs, associations, and circles in this country for a reason. You can arrange for renting a studio or a small conference room (with all multimedia), where training seminars, trainings, master classes of various specialists will be held. For example, skiing or carp fishing.

24. Art objects

Various museums, art galleries, even small ones, are in demand in America. There you can hold exhibitions of sewing machine collections or drawings of local college students. These art events typically feature auctions and sales, which can also form part of the business’ income in the form of commissions. At the same time, you can do charity work.

25. Food analysis laboratory

Many people take their health seriously, and it is important for them to know what kind of food they eat, with what content of pesticides and other additives. You can organize a small mobile laboratory for this.

26. Emergency help

Services for emergency non-medical care. To remove a cat from a tree or pull out a child stuck in a fence, you do not need to call the police squad, firefighters. It is enough to call the emergency service, which will help open the jammed door.

27. Cooking cakes

You can show originality by giving a custom-made cake. Through the culinary arts, you can express your attitude. Services for the preparation and delivery of cakes are in demand not only in the States, but are also becoming a good tradition in many countries of the world.

Internet business

28. Copywriting

Americans have learned to make good money writing articles, essays for various online publications or local print newspapers. Copywriting is developed in America as a business, and you can make money on it.

29. Online

Organization of broadcasts of radio programs through network applications, including YouTube or telegram channels. Earnings come from traffic. The more traffic passes through the created resource, the higher the cost of advertising space.

Construction and repair

The construction business usually involves the creation of a large company and a considerable initial investment. But in America, there is an opportunity to make money on construction topics.

30. Landscaping

To become a landscape designer and ennoble a 20 sq. meters, you do not need to graduate from an architectural institute.

31. Construction of block houses

The industry of modern housing construction has reached the point that a comfortable house can be assembled or built in a few days, like a designer. The organization of the business is aimed at finding contractors and a house structure that will be assembled on the client’s site.

32. Construction waste disposal

This is a headache for all builders. Here, the services of a company that specifically deals with the disposal of such garbage in accordance with local environmental regulations will come in handy.

33. Minor repairs

Such types of construction services as repair of plumbing and heating systems should not be left without attention. In a modern format, the search for orders takes place on the company’s Internet site, where the client is looking for what he needs, including in emergency situations.

34. Remote security of houses and cottage settlements

Installation and maintenance of security alarms, maintaining round-the-clock video surveillance both outside the perimeter of a private household and behind critical access points.

35. Land development

It is profitable to buy land. Divide it into several allotments, conduct communications, and create an engineering infrastructure. Plots prepared in this way are sold for individual residential development but at higher market prices.