5 foods that accelerate aging and make you fat

Aging and obesity often go alongside each other. With age, we spend fewer calories, metabolism slows down and a person gets fat. The opposite is also true – an overweight person looks older and feels worse.

Aging and obesity are influenced by genetics, bad habits, ecology, and nutrition. Moreover, it is nutrition, and by no means genetics, that is the main factor affecting appearance and health.

And some foods lead to wrinkles, body wear and tear, and obesity at an astonishing rate. Minimize these foods in your diet and the result will not keep you waiting! So, let’s see what foods make usage and get fat the fastest:

Sweets. Sugar is delicious, it is energy and a good mood! But it comes at a very high cost to pay for it. Why is that?

Imagine, man has evolved for hundreds of thousands of years in completely different conditions. People didn’t know what sugar was! They didn’t even know porridge. The most accessible calories were in fruits – and their carbohydrates go along with fiber.

Tell me, is it pleasant for you to drink a glass of cool water in the heat? Still would! And if it’s minus 10 outside and you are poured with buckets of ice water? Sugar is the same violent stress for the body.

Sugar destroys collagen, which is directly responsible for healthy and youthful skin. Sugar is calories, fast and light, that goes straight to fat. Sugar weakens the immune system.

Therefore, keep sweets in your diet to a minimum. Substitute as much fruit as possible. You don’t have to give up sugar altogether – just start controlling and gradually reduce the sweets in your diet.

Margarine, smoked meats, mayonnaise. All foods high in artificial fatty acids are trans fats. The fact is that fatty acids are actually good for the body. Oil on the skin protects it, helps hair and a healthy complexion. From fatty acids, hormones and brain cells are formed. But in trans fats, there are no key components from which all this is built. On the contrary, they quench the activity of “useful” fatty acids.

Alcohol. Unfortunately, all alcohol – even wine and beer – can cause dehydration. Because of this, the skin suffers. At the same time, alcohol destroys the skin of the face the most. Also, alcohol provokes a surge in the stress hormone cortisol, and it is this hormone that immediately sends all calories to fat. And note that alcohol chemically stimulates stress, not suppresses it.

Energy. Energy drinks combine components that are psychologically addictive. They really give temporary vigor and without them, you feel weaker. But this effect is conditional – you will get an even greater increase in energy, for example, by eating nuts with dried fruits. But the harm of power engineers is difficult to overestimate. They are sweet (with all the ensuing minuses of sugar), destroy the enamel, and lead to fatigue as soon as the expiration date ends.

Crisps. Also a leader in harmfulness. Here is the perfect combination to saturate the body with empty calories and age it as much as possible. The chips combine easily digestible starch and trans fats, the dangers of which I already wrote above. Chips are very high in calories, harmful to the figure, and cause a strong blow to the liver. Also, a love of chips can, over time, provoke atherosclerosis. In the United States, atherosclerosis is now a very common disease among young people. It is good that in Russia, after all, they monitor nutrition much better – apparently, Soviet habits and culture are affecting!