How to wake up early and not want to destroy everyone? We will tell you 5 secrets of quality sleep and a good awakening ✨

It’s trite but true: most of us don’t get enough sleep. Some simply cannot spend 9 hours in bed due to study and work, others sleep until lunchtime, but still, feel overwhelmed. How to improve your sleep schedule and wake up with pleasure? Get our tips 😴

😴 Prepare for bed in advance

Not folk, but still wisdom: the better the evening you spend, the better you sleep. Spending 2 hours on TikTok in bed is nice and fun, but in the morning you will feel worse than if you were just resting. You may think that external stimuli do not affect the quality of your sleep, but the body thinks differently.

  • Any bright and flashing pictures (count TV shows and games), loud sounds (for example, music) turn on the “danger-danger, you can’t sleep” mode in the body. If you find it difficult not to hang on the phone, start at least an hour before bed: this time is enough for the brain to tune in to sleep.

😴 Build time to fall asleep and wake up

We are used to going to bed in about an equal number of hours, after which we have to wake up. For example, you need to get up at 7:00 in the morning, and if you sleep for eight hours, you go to bed at 23:00. However, this way you do not set aside time to fall asleep and wake up.

  • Waking up takes 5-10 minutes, depending on the time of year, weather, health, and how much sleep you have. But you can fall asleep in 5 minutes or toss and turn for 2 hours without a result. To find out how much you fall asleep, special applications on the phone will help – type in the “sleep tracker” in the search.

😴 Mentally scan the body before bed

This technique comes from meditation: when you internally scan every part of the body, you notice fatigue and clamps. Close your eyes, start at the top of your head and slowly move over all parts of the body. Try not to say “it hurts, it doesn’t hurt”, but to feel and release the tension.

  • At the end, tense and relax each muscle – this is another trick for quick relaxation.

😴 Have a snack (if you want)

The world is obsessed with diets and no food after 6. Do not ignore the natural needs of the body: firstly, it does not irritate the stomach, and secondly, you will wake up in a good mood, and not a hungry monster. However, large portions “wake up” the body, which activates its forces to digest food.

  • Snack on something hearty but light: nuts, a sandwich, or a banana.

😴 Close all pressing issues

More often than not, we cannot fall asleep not because of the unwillingness to sleep, but because the brain is working in the background. A thousand thoughts are running in my head: what I said today, what I did wrong, what I didn’t have time to. Relax, take it easy. The day is already over, you can’t fix anything. But tomorrow there will be a new one, which means another chance to try and make everything better.

  • Try to say out loud the problems that bother you, to a cat or a house plant (we are not joking, it helps), write down your experiences in a diary