5 signs you are overtraining

Often, in pursuit of a slender and pumped-up body, fitness classes turn into an exhausting marathon. So do not overtrain for long! Excessive exercise can negatively affect your well-being and overall health. Watch out for signals from your body indicating that you need to slow down.

In fact, overtraining with weekly volume and intensity can end up being counterproductive, leading to a state of “overtraining” and ultimately doing more harm than good.

1. You feel weak and tired

Exercising with the right amount of stress should be enjoyable, stress-relieving, and mood-enhancing. After classes, a person feels only pleasant fatigue, similar to a feeling of slight intoxication. This is because, during exercise, the brain and all other organs receive more oxygen and other nutrients. After all, muscles working intensively accelerate the pumping of blood throughout the body.

However, if the loads are chosen incorrectly, after fitness there is a feeling of exhaustion, dissatisfaction as if the car was unloaded with cement – everything hurts and there is no strength for anything.

2. Headaches in the morning

It is the morning headache that is a sign of overtraining the day before. It is connected with the fact that a high load causes muscle spasms, as a result, blood circulation is impaired – the brain suffers from a lack of nutrition, including oxygen.

Another reason may be that during intense exercise, the body used up a lot of glucose. In the morning, its level in the blood is low, which causes poor health, accompanied by a headache.

3. Frequent colds

Exercising to the limit depletes the body’s protein and vitamin-mineral reserves. A deficiency of important substances leads to a weakening of the immune system – as a result, viruses can easily attack a person who is left without immune protection. Do not be surprised by the constant runny nose and cold sores on the lips.

4. Sleep problems

Overtraining is, in general, stress for the muscles and the whole body. In response, the body releases into the blood an increased amount of adrenaline and cortisol. Their high concentration causes excitement, which makes it difficult to relax and fall asleep on time. Or sleep may be restless, intermittent, and even with nightmares.

5. Bursts of irritability

Have you noticed that you are irritable after training? This is due to the fact that during fitness, not only muscles work, but also the nervous system. If the loads are unusual or the lesson is too long, be prepared for a bad reaction of your nervous system. These are mood swings, excessive touchiness and tearfulness, unmotivated irritability, and even bouts of anger.

What to do?

If you are trying to load yourself with fitness to the maximum, and then notice the listed signs – just give your body a break. Skip a couple of workouts, drink vitamins, strengthen your diet with protein foods, fruits, and vegetables – so that the body can recover. And then be sure to adjust your physical activity by contacting a specialist.