5 statements by Elon Musk explaining the main rules of human life

Entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk does not hide the fact that he has been trying to unravel the mysteries of the Universe for many years, ever since he was a teenager. He knows how to look at the world from different angles, and his statements motivate him to get better.

1. Love yourself first, and then the whole world

Elon is sincerely convinced that the biblical commandment “Love your neighbor as yourself” should be read the other way around. First, a person must love himself, and only then the whole world. And this is not at all about selfishness. Loving yourself, accepting yourself, and feeling part of the world around you is a very useful skill.

2. To get an answer, you need to ask the right question

Another statement by Elon Musk is about how to communicate with the Universe. By it, he meant the global information field that surrounds us.

“The universe is the answer, the main thing is to ask the right question. It’s all about the questions. “

It means that if you want something, first formulate this request clearly. If your request is not specific, then the answer of the Universe will not be what you expect.

3. Assume the impossible is possible

Musk says that all great discoveries and inventions begin with the fact that a person fantasizes and imagines something that does not yet exist in real life. After that, miraculously, there is a possibility of this imaginary thing occurring. The whole world begins to help you carry out your ideas!

4. In the race for your dream, do not forget about the world around you

Man and nature are inseparable, but we are increasingly forgetting that we are responsible for preserving clean air and animal life. Musk believes that humanity must learn to fulfill its desires without harming the world around it.

5. Life should be filled with meaning and inspiration

Everyone, according to Musk, should constantly dream of a better future. And if waking up in the morning, you want to live, create, laugh, and have fun, then your life is filled with light and inspiration. But if nothing pleases you, does not carry away and you do not see the meaning in life, then you should look for something that will fill and interest you.

Elon Musk himself, for example, is inspired by the idea of ​​conquering Mars. He even said that he would like to live on the red planet and end his days there. And Musk also promised that soon all earthlings will be able to fly into space and look at the stars from the window …