Dog breeds that weren’t meant for your home

Some pets, due to the nature of the content, will get along closely with the owner in a small apartment. Of course, a lot depends on the conditions of detention, walking, and physical activity, but dogs of certain breeds are best kept in a private home. The Russian Cynological Federation has compiled a list of dog breeds that are not very suitable for life in a small apartment.


Laika is an ideal hunter, outwardly resembling a wolf (which is fully consistent with their character). These dogs have strongly developed breed instincts, which makes them fearless, and hardy, with an excellent sense of smell and endurance. Animals of this breed are quite stubborn and also need a lot of physical activity for a specific purpose: the search for prey. These are very active and energetic pets, and living conditions in a city apartment do not suit them. If the owner is not ready for daily long walks, it is better not to have such a pet in the apartment.

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