Home delivery of prescriptions

What services are not yet offered to residents of large cities? It seems that a lot of solutions have been invented for their convenience, today you can order almost everything via the Internet, if you want and have money, you can stay at home for months, getting everything you need with delivery to your doorstep. Food delivery is no longer surprising, many supermarkets and hypermarkets offer such a service, and when a set of orders for a certain amount, delivery becomes free in most stores. People are willing to pay money for any simplification of their lives, but in some cases seemingly stupid ideas become a good basis for future business ventures. 

How often does a person think about what to cook for dinner? How often does he want to be spared cutting vegetables and preparing meat? How often does he rush through some dubious instant soup set just because he doesn’t have time to do something? Residents of villages and villages rarely have to deal with such a problem, but in big cities the frantic pace of life simply makes people look for alternatives. When he is offered a ready-made recipe and ingredients prepared for cooking when it remains, it is easy to cook them according to a given scheme, then a person will certainly be interested, because in the end he is promised dishes, like in a gourmet restaurant. This is a new trend, which relatively recently originated in Moscow, and then in St. Petersburg. There is nothing like this in many other large cities.

As you can already understand, there is practically no such business anywhere except in the largest cities. Therefore, we can say that the market is almost completely free from competition. It may seem to some that this undertaking has no prospects and in general it is unlikely that anyone will be interested, at least enough to build a successful business on it. However, the experience of Moscow and St. Petersburg shows that such organizations enjoy sufficient success among the population, as evidenced by the constant increase in the number of players in this market. So much so that in these cities we can already talk about a high level of competition and problems with entering the market. 

In other cities, the population is not yet accustomed to what type of service, so at first they will have to conduct an active marketing campaign to promote their offers. Only experienced marketers, after conducting a full-fledged study, will be able to more or less accurately say what percentage of the population will be interested in-home delivery of prescription products in each particular city, but there will certainly be interest in large centers and megacities. Among a large number of people, there will surely be those for whom this service will be a salvation from the tiring nightly cooking. It’s a novelty anyway, people always like something new, this business has a chance to survive because it offers a relatively useful service.

The proposal itself is the following scheme. This type of business offers not just the delivery of products, but the development of a ready-made recipe for customers, the preparation of products for the dish, and their subsequent delivery to the client’s home. Such a company deprives the client of the need to think about what to cook, where to buy the ingredients, and then also prepare them for cooking. The customer will only have to follow the instructions on the recipe in order to get a good dish in a short time. This saves a lot of time and energy, does not make you rack your brains in search of recipes, and allows you to eat really tasty food, which is sometimes very difficult to cook on your own. This is a good way out for housewives who, to put it mildly, do not have enough culinary talent to delight their families with delicious food. 

People living alone will generally get the opportunity to eat better than married couples, this is especially true for single men, for whom scrambled eggs are already a work of culinary art. In this case, the task is almost completely solved for the client, you just need to follow the simplest instructions and get an excellent dish. No trips to a restaurant. No orders for pizza or Chinese noodles. You do not have to stand at the stove for a long time, independently selecting ingredients and spices. For a certain percentage of men, such service generally eliminates the need to get married.

For the customer, everything is very clear: order, receive, obediently follow the instructions, and enjoy the food. But the entrepreneur is faced with a much more serious task because he must purchase products, develop recipes, prepare products, deliver them to the client and even guarantee him the quality of the food received, the cooking process of which no one can control. It is necessary to count on the fact that you will have to open an institution in which professional chefs will work, it is possible that such an undertaking can be organized on the basis of an already well-known restaurant, but this fact still should not be advertised, because the reputation of the chef will be greatly undermined if it becomes known that his exquisite dishes can be prepared, albeit by his direct instructions, by a simple housewife. Even if these are dishes, 

To run a recipe delivery business with groceries at home, you need to find people who are very well versed in cooking, but this business must abstract from any other food establishments. This is a separate company that offers atypical services, it should not have any relation to anyone, in any case, do not advertise it.

In a little more detail, it is worth considering the process of registering a business entity. According to Russian legislation, both individuals and legal entities have the right to engage in the provision of public catering services. In order to be able to take advantage of the simplified taxation system, one should choose either the form of an individual entrepreneur or a limited liability company; a physical legal entity, respectively. You just need to pay attention that if you suddenly plan to supply alcohol to your customers, then only the form of a legal entity is suitable, and in addition, you will need to obtain a license, and this process is quite complicated and long. It is important to choose the right coding for economic activity, and it most fully fits the definition (OKPD 2) 56.

To engage in the provision of catering services, the premises must comply with all established standards. If you have your own cafe or restaurant, and the prescription delivery business is organized on its basis, no additional permits will be required. If the business is new, but the premises where the catering point was previously located are bought or rented, this process of obtaining certificates and permits is greatly simplified, you just have to re-register all contracts for servicing the premises and provide information to Rospotrebnadzor.

The most difficult thing is when you buy or rent a room that was previously used for other needs or was completely empty. First, you need to create conclusions for the premises, which indicate compliance with the requirements of sanitary standards, which include water samples, measurements of sound pressure levels, ventilation indicators, and features of the fire safety system, and also write all the information about the proposed measures for carrying out disinfestation and derivatization measures. This document becomes the sanitary passport of the facility. Further, contracts for the maintenance of the premises are concluded, among which the mandatory ones are the contract for the provision of services in accordance with the norms of the sanitary and epidemiological service, for the export of solid household waste, as well as documents for the cash register. 

Of course, in order to fulfill all these requirements, you will have to significantly re-equip and equip your premises, apply to a large number of authorities and spend a lot of time obtaining a complete package of documents. You can open your own institution providing catering services after a conclusion from the Ministry of Emergencies and Rospotrebnadzor.

It is better to rent the premises in the geographical center of the city, due to the fact that you have to work with clients from all areas of the city, you need to be able to come to any specified place for a certain time. The room itself must be large but divided into a working kitchen and a warehouse. Ingredients will be prepared in the kitchen, and a sufficiently large warehouse is needed to store considerable stocks of products. In general, the main thing is that it is convenient and comfortable for employees to work in the room, since visitors will not have to be received, the room should not occupy several hundred square meters. True, providing your customers with the opportunity to self-deliver is convenient for both businesses and them. The cost of renting a room varies greatly depending on the city of work and the location in it. From the interior arrangement, you need to provide your employees with complete kitchen equipment, for settlements with customers there must be a cash register, computers, and peripheral devices, it is likely that vehicles will need to be purchased for couriers. A small kitchen, which employs a small number of people, can be equipped for 100-150 thousand rubles, this is taking into account the purchase of refrigeration equipment. In the case of limited financial resources, kitchen equipment can be bought already used. This is taking into account the purchase of refrigeration equipment. In the case of limited financial resources, kitchen equipment can be bought already used. This is taking into account the purchase of refrigeration equipment. In the case of limited financial resources, kitchen equipment can be bought already used. 

The cost of vehicles is very different, but for one courier for 150 thousand you can buy a relatively normal car that will drive without repair for at least another year. In summer, couriers can generally be put on scooters and mopeds. In the end, you can find couriers with their own cars. However, a car purchased under the ownership of the organization can be decorated with its own logo and advertising information on the body, which will be a good advertisement, because the car will move around the city. Separately, it is worth purchasing packaging equipment that can place products in vacuum packaging. You should also find bag suppliers who can make them with the logo of a home delivery company. You should also work with companies that can print prescriptions.

But the most important, perhaps, is the search for suppliers of products. It must be a company that can supply a wide variety of ingredients, including the most exotic and unusual. The essence of this enterprise is not just to provide the client with a recipe and give him the opportunity to eat, but also to feed him delicious food, such as he ate in a restaurant. Many people, find interesting recipes on the Internet, but cannot cook them due to the lack of many uncommon ingredients on store shelves. Therefore, a distributor is written with a wide range of products, where you can find everything from potatoes to truffles. However, in fairly large cities, you can find a supplier who cooperates with a large number of manufacturers of various products.

A small number of people should serve the production. This is, first of all, the chef and his assistants, the chef composes the menu, develops dishes, cooks and checks them on his own, must know for sure that it is impossible to create a bad dish from the proposed ingredients, at least acting exactly on the prompts, namely it guarantees the quality of food and the success of the whole event in general. Assistants do all the simple work for him. There may be several couriers, depending on the number of orders and the capabilities of employees. The entrepreneur himself can take part in the process of work, performing administrative and organizational duties. All business processes that do not bring any profit should be outsourced; this type of activity does not even require guards on duty at the facility.

Currently, companies offering home delivery of recipes with products work according to a variety of schemes. The classic way to organize your business is to provide all possible recipes on the company’s website and accept orders for each recipe separately. Products and recipes are delivered to customers within one business day, at most the next day. The client can independently choose dishes, the number of servings for which ingredients should be put, and independently form their own basket of orders. 

Other companies completely decide for the client the issue of menu formation for the next week. The company’s chef independently develops a menu for each day of the week, and the dishes are calculated in such a way that the least stored ingredients are used on the first days, and the rest at the end of the week. The client pre-orders the entire package of the offer, but no matter how good the dishes are, this way of working deprives the client of the opportunity to choose, he is forced to order dishes that the chef considers successful for the whole week. On the contrary, someone will like it when everything is decided for him, but here the principle is the same as in a restaurant – the more choice, the better. Of course, when the menu is too large and not all dishes from it are ordered, the entrepreneur has to buy a large number of ingredients, risking that not everything will be sold.

At first, there may not be too many orders, people are not yet used to this way of organizing dinner for themselves, although this is a completely new way, combining something from going to a restaurant and something from home cooking. You can even put it differently, this method offers customers the best of going to a restaurant and the best of home cooking. And it even concerns the price, the average cost of a serving rarely exceeds 200 rubles, and in which restaurant today can you buy a delicious dish for 200 rubles? Usually, the cost of the ingredients themselves for the client turns out to be even lower than if he bought them in a hypermarket, this is due to the fact that the entrepreneur buys goods in bulk and offers them to his customers with a small margin. Thus, the entrepreneur earns from the difference in prices for the ingredients and from the reward for receiving the recipe itself. In general, companies offer low prices for their products, and for 5 thousand rubles a week you can feed a family of 4 with dinner. However, for an entrepreneur, the costs of running a business are small. But such an enterprise will be profitable only with a very large number of orders.