Kardashians Without Makeup

The Kardashians are a legendary family. Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit that they have done an amazing job promoting themselves and now they are not only super-rich but also super famous and successful. And even though they’re still filming, God knows which season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they all have a side business that is incredibly successful due to its celebrity status and fame. They are also known for being a very glamorous family. They seem to always look perfect, with a face full of makeup and a cool outfit. Even when they are doing nothing and just hanging out at home, they still have a perfect makeup look and cute outfit to go with it. They even look perfect when they are exercising. But have you seen how they look without makeup? Do they look almost the same but less finished or do they look completely different? Let’s take a look at the Kardashians without makeup.

Kim kardashian west

Kardashians Without Makeup |  Her beauty

It’s no secret that Kim wears a lot of makeup, she runs a makeup company, she loves makeup. Over the years, we have seen her makeup look change many times. It used to be all about smokey eyes, then it went contouring, these days it usually sticks to a neutral glam look. But you know what, she also looks absolutely fine without makeup, her skin is amazing and it’s actually kind of nice to know that she also gets under eye circles like the rest of us.

Khloe kardashian

Kardashians Without Makeup # 2 |  Her beauty

Khloe has revealed that her beauty and makeup routine has changed since she became a mother and these days she keeps her makeup fast and the fewer liquid products the better, because she needs to keep an eye on her daughter at all times and liquid things are messy. But she still makes sure to have a beauty routine so her skin looks good, and it shows. Even without makeup, she is beaming. Apparently she loves to use as much oil as she can on her face, neck, and chest.

Kourtney kardashian

Kardashians Without Makeup |  Her beauty

Kourtney is all about natural beauty and organic beauty products. She likes to make her own lip masks and scrubs, she also makes sure her makeup products are clean in terms of ingredients. And she doesn’t like to put on makeup, so when she does, it’s always very minimal. And everything is worth it. She is 40 years old and her skin looks amazing. It basically looks the same without makeup.

Kylie jenner

Kardashians Without Makeup # 2 |  Her beauty

Kylie has always liked makeup. It was her obsession with forcing her lips that led her to start her own makeup company and her lip kits are excellent. While we know that her lips have been enhanced since then, what few people know is that she actually has freckles, but we rarely get to see them because it hides everything under the foundation. We wish she hadn’t, her freckles are super cute.

Kendall jenner

Kardashians Without Makeup |  Her beauty

Kendall is a model for a reason. In general, she keeps her makeup very minimal and uses it to accentuate her features as there is nothing to hide. It basically looks the same without makeup as it does with makeup, maybe a little less polished. Even her sisters are jealous and joking about the fact that Kendall’s entire makeup routine is just putting on some mascara.

Kris kardashian

Kardashians Without Makeup # 2 |  Her beauty

And finally, we are getting to Kris, the mother, the head of this huge family. And you know what? This woman is 60 years old and has had 6 children, but she still looks great. Yes, her makeup helps her a lot, but even without makeup, you have to admit that she looks good for her age.