Scary fitness: top 5 female fears in sports

It’s scary to think how much women are afraid of when thinking about starting workouts and going to a fitness club. Most of these fears can be overcome with logic and reasoning, the rest – with an alternative approach.

1 Suddenly pumped

The most common fear expressed by novice athletes is the fear of swinging and becoming a baboon or even becoming masculine. Girls are afraid of muscles, mustaches, and other boyish joys.

For this purpose, girls use dumbbells weighing a maximum of 1-2 kg. The goal is obvious – to pump up your arms, but not to pump, and the same story is with your legs during squats. And with any other parts of the body. God forbid they grow up.

Why is the fear of becoming a boy in a girls’ gym not justified? The fact is that the hormone testosterone is responsible for the growth of muscle mass. And he is male.

Men are rich in testosterone, while girls, on the contrary, are rich in testosterone – therefore, their muscles are not very likely to increase. To achieve at least a minimal increase, you need to work very hard.

And a mustache can grow without a gym, with age or with hormonal disruption. You don’t need to go to the gym for this.

2 Everything will hurt from heavy load

Nobody said that the struggle for appetizing forms is akin to a spa procedure. But fitness goes beyond the gym. If you are not ready to work with heavy iron, you can choose any other comfortable direction and level of load for yourself. Again, work with iron also has its own varieties, there are intense loads with heavyweights, there is static with low weight, but slow execution and delays. There is no need to be afraid – it is important to do and feel how comfortable it is for you to work.

3 I’ll have to eat more

When girls hear that they need to start eating in accordance with their natural characteristics – age, height, weight, they become scared. Why? Because no one has ever thought about how much the body should actually consume proteins, fats, carbohydrates per day.

And when the formula is displayed, it becomes obvious that a person is often severely malnourished or, on the contrary, powerfully overeats in small, but very high-calorie portions. When you switch to a sensible diet, there are more meals, and the ladies’ eyes widen: “How will I eat all this.” Eat it and after about two weeks, when the body gets hot, you still want to.

4 I won’t have enough time for sports

“I want to play sports, but I work a lot and I don’t have enough time to go to the club” – this fear can, in principle, be overcome by turning on logic or drawing up a schedule and counting free time spent surfing the Internet, correspondence on social networks.

Find fitness near work or home. Go there right after work or before entering the home. The workout takes 1-1.5 hours. And not 2-3, as many imagine. If you really train, keep the time interval between sets, without being distracted by chatter, then even the most powerful workout fits into 60 minutes. Cardio before or after training – 25-30 minutes. It is not at all necessary to kill yourself for hours on an ellipse or a treadmill.

5 will not have time to cook on the right schedule

This is not even fear, but a global excuse. Because it takes no more than an hour to cook a meal for a whole day, even less for advanced kitchen users. Everyone in the kitchen has at least four cooking zones. Typically, a sensible diet includes about 3-4 meals, and not all require cooking on the stove.

A trivial example. In the morning we eat porridge – poured cereal into a bowl, poured boiling water over it, added fruit to taste, nuts – voila, the meal is ready (less than 5 minutes). Lunch: cereals + chicken and vegetables. Ok, here you have to spend 10 minutes, taking into account cooking and frying. In parallel, we cook an omelet or boiled eggs – the same 10 minutes. Cottage cheese with raisins or berries – 5 minutes. Here are 30 minutes of wasted time. Are they hard to find during the day? The answer is no.

Therefore, this fear is easy to defeat, putting laziness aside and visualizing the result you want to achieve. Without food, you can’t get off the ground.