The Matrix Fan Theories That Change Everything

Proponents of this theory believe that Agent Smith is the true Chosen One, unlike Neo. As evidence, they cite the prophecy of the Chosen One.

When the Matrix was created, a person was born in it who could change it at will. After his death, the Oracle predicted that he would return and his return would mean the destruction of the Matrix, the end of the war and the liberation of people.

Based on the prophecy, the Chosen One must meet three requirements:

  • to be created in the Matrix;
  • be able to change the Matrix;
  • in the future must destroy the Matrix.

Neo does not fit these requirements because he was not born into the Matrix. He grew up in a special incubator in the real world, unlike Smith, who was born in the Matrix.

Smith may well change the Matrix at will. This is shown in the battle with Neo in The Matrix. Revolution”. Smith’s abilities are even broader than Neo’s, who can only fight and sometimes fly.

Also thanks to Smith, the war was over and the Matrix was destroyed. Although Neo made a deal with the machines, this became possible due to the destruction that Smith caused to the Matrix.

The Architect also hints at this in his conversation with the Oracle: “You have started a very dangerous game.” Because it was the Oracle who convinced everyone that Neo was the Chosen One, thereby deceiving people, machines, Smith and even the audience.

Cypher – The Chosen One Who Failed

Фанатские теории по «Матрице», которые всё меняют

This is not a theory, but an almost real story, but told in the film only in hints. After being disconnected, Morpheus tells Neo that they do not disconnect adults from the Matrix because they have a lot of difficulties adapting. But when Cypher talks with Agent Smith, he casually mentions that he was disabled nine years ago, when he was already an adult.

Most likely, Cypher was disabled so late because he was mistaken for the Chosen One. This explains his toxic nature and desire to return to the Matrix. Most likely, he was offended that he was disconnected in vain. In addition, Trinity was predicted that she would love the Chosen One. And judging by their relationship with Cypher, there was something between them, but this relationship did not develop.

The resistance is a cult

Фанатские теории по «Матрице», которые всё меняют
Source: Still from the film “The Matrix”, 1999.

This theory is based on the belief that Morpheus’ actions resemble those of the leaders of religious cults and sects. Here’s some evidence.

  1. Very cleverly lures Neo into the Matrix. First he says that no one can explain what the Matrix is ​​and you need to see everything for yourself. But he explains the very essence later, when Neo took the pill and there was no turning back. Although nothing prevented him from saying in advance that machines have taken over the world, people are grown in incubators, and rebels wear cast-offs and eat sublimates.
  2. After any newcomer disconnects from the Matrix, he remains in shock for some time when any critical mechanisms do not work. Morpheus immediately runs up to him and quickly explains on his fingers that the machines are enemies, the crew on the ship are friends, and the goal is to find the Chosen One who will save everyone. Everyone believes it, even Neo.
  3. Cypher was the only one who understood Morpheus’ plans and refused to take part in it. He is not interested in this sect, he wants to return to his familiar world. So he makes a deal with the agents and betrays the team.

John Wick is also The Matrix

Фанатские теории по «Матрице», которые всё меняют
Source: Still from the film John Wick 2, 2017.

The most interesting fan theory in our collection. According to it, all parts of “John Wick” unfold already in the eighth iteration of the Matrix, reloaded after Neo sacrificed himself. There are three proofs for this.

  1. John Wick has almost all of Neo’s abilities. He cannot fly, but he kills people without much difficulty, hiding behind only his jacket.
  2. In one scene, he asks for help from Morpheus, who, instead of being in the resistance, is in the Matrix and is a major mafioso, the “Pigeon King”.
  3. Neo cannot leave the Matrix because by its eighth version it has become so perfect that it does not allow anyone to discover its true nature.

Matrix within a matrix

Фанатские теории по «Матрице», которые всё меняют
Source: Still from the film “The Matrix: Revolution”, 2003.

According to one version, this is how the trilogy of films should have ended, but there is no confirmation of this. According to her, Zion is not the real world, but another layer of the Matrix, which is needed so that the rebellious people think that they have reached the truth.

This theory explains all the plot holes perfectly. For example, that Neo’s abilities also manifest themselves in real life: he destroys several Guardians with the power of thought, and in the end, having lost his eyes, he still sees machines in the form of streams of energy similar to the source code.

This is also hinted at by the Architect’s words: “Zion is just another form of control.” Fans believe that in the original ending, the Architect explains to Neo that Zeon is just a level for the most naughty people and that in fact the Chosen One is not saving anyone, but is simply playing according to the machines’ script.

This theory is also supported by the fact that cars don’t chase people that much. For example, for some reason the agents are chasing them only in groups of three, their weapons are only ridiculous pistols, which for some reason are running out of cartridges (why it is not possible to make an infinite number of cartridges in the simulation is unclear).