Top 10 Most Beautiful Women In The World

Being beautiful does not mean being successful. It sounds strange, but it is proven in practice too. You need to at least be able to work hard for world recognition. At the same time, external attractiveness will never be superfluous. So to say, a nice bonus to talent and intelligence.

We dedicated this selection to the outstanding beauties of our time – each of these women was recognized as the sexiest at least once (some, like Megan Fox, have not been deprived of their title for ten years already). At the same time, there are other reasons to be proud of ourselves, we also mentioned them.

Margot Robbie

The Australian, who recently celebrated her thirtieth birthday, was born into the family of an ordinary farmer. In Hollywood, the girl declared herself loudly – she, having the appearance that Americans love so much, did not act in commercials or minor roles, but immediately decided to claim the main ones. 

And after all, she got her own – the beauty starred in The Wolf of Walt Street, and even with Leonardo DiCaprio himself. We don’t know if Leo courted her in real life, but in the movie, he had to run after her. Now Margo is strongly associated with everyone with the abnormal love of the Joker Harley.

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