What kind of business can be opened in the summer? What can you earn? Summer Business Idea Options

A seasonal business is a business whose profit largely depends on the time of year, so its main goal is to maximize income during the peak season. Such a business project is often designed for a short period and is suitable for people who want to make quick money. Summer business in this regard is the most profitable because it has many options and provides a lot of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Consider ideas that are relevant only in the summer or those that are most relevant during this period.

Business ideas in construction


Approximately from April to September, the construction season in the private sector begins. In autumn, it also continues, but, as a rule, with the beginning of the school year, many builders switch to finishing and interior work.


Any services for dismantling, construction, repair, removal of construction waste, as well as the production of building materials will also be relevant during this period.

landscape design

The landscape design business involves the provision of services for the arrangement of a personal plot based on a general idea. The main potential customers of such a business are wealthy owners of their own cottages. In fact, landscape design is the activity of landscaping, planning paths, installing various decorative buildings and structures (a reservoir, a fountain, an alpine slide), zoning space, and performing other similar works.

landscape design

Retail Business Ideas

Trade-in building materials

Building materials are always in demand since construction and repair work is carried out continuously by both different companies and individuals. Demand especially increases with the onset of heat.


A business in the trade-in building materials can be organized even without investments if you provide intermediary services between suppliers and buyers. Before starting activities, it is necessary to analyze the offers of all manufacturers in order to choose the most profitable ones. After all, the lower the wholesale cost, the higher the margin can be set.

Tent trade, production

Tents are always in demand among outdoor enthusiasts, the number of which increases significantly in the spring-summer-autumn period. Given the fact that much attention is paid to the development of domestic tourism today, the production and sale of tents is highly likely to become profitable in any region of the country.

Tents at the festival

Despite the fact that such a business will have to invest a lot of money, all investments can pay off in the first season if you time the opening of the enterprise to its beginning and find reliable distribution channels.

Sales of sunglasses and umbrellas

Sunglasses and umbrellas are a seasonal product that is in demand among an unlimited target audience. Everyone needs such products to protect from the sun, and umbrellas also save from rain. If you organize a seasonal business, then preference should be given to disposable umbrellas, the cost of which is 7–9 times lower than usual, and there are practically no external differences. When forming an assortment of glasses, it is better to purchase a large number of single models in order to satisfy the demand of different categories of customers.


Trade in sunglasses and umbrellas should be carried out from mid-March to October. During this period, the sun becomes active and at the same time the “rainy season” begins. To start, you only need money to purchase goods, but you can find suppliers who give goods for sale. Then the business can be organized with virtually no investment.

Sale of summer hats, clothing and footwear

It is most profitable to sell summer hats, clothes and shoes peddling from a stall, choosing a resort vacation spot for this. This type of activity is very competitive, so you need to carefully select the range, giving preference to light, inexpensive and the most popular models.

Summer hats

Special attention should be paid to rare items, for example, large ones. This can become a significant competitive advantage and bring additional profit.

Trade-in inflatable boats, circles, and mattresses

This is one of the most sought-after products for recreation in the summer.

Inflatable boats and mattresses

Trade-in means, tools, and accessories for cottages and gardens

In the period from spring to autumn, it is profitable to sell goods for summer residents. This range includes a large number of items, including hoses, buckets, garden tools, pest control products, soil fertilizers and much more.

Tools and accessories for cottages and gardens

When organizing a business, it is necessary to take into account the needs of all categories of potential buyers. The greatest profit can be obtained if you open a retail outlet on the territory of a holiday village.

Trade in means from mosquitoes and ticks

With the advent of heat, people begin to be overcome by blood-sucking insects and everyone is actively starting to buy means to protect themselves from them. Here you need to take into account the needs of buyers of two categories – those who want to protect their home from mosquitoes, and those who are looking for options to repel insects while being outdoors.

Mosquito repellent

Accordingly, it is necessary to include in the assortment range all means of protection – fumigants (electric and pyrotechnic), repellents, ultrasonic repellers. Products should be presented in a different price range – from cheap to expensive. You can trade via the Internet or peddling from a stall near places of mass recreation.

Sale of prefabricated pools

Prefabricated pools are divided according to the type of installation into ground and pit. The second option is more labor-intensive and expensive, therefore it is in less demand. If there are no companies providing such services in the region, then you can make very good money during the season.

Prefabricated pool for a summer residence

Owners of cottages and country houses, as well as rest houses, mini-hotels, health and other establishments, can become the main customers. The main thing is not only to sell pools, but also to offer their installation, then the demand for services and income will be even higher.

Sale of wooden poles

Wooden poles are most widely used in the installation of fences made of any material, as well as building elements in the construction of wooden buildings. In any case, they must be dry, of high quality, without any defects. To extend the service life, the base of the pillars is treated with special means. Such products have a high cost, but are in high demand among private developers.

wooden poles

The most durable will be oak poles, but this wood is very expensive. Products made of birch, larch, and hazel are considered more affordable. To diversify the range, you can offer poles with carvings or decorative finishes.

Preparation and sale of firewood

Harvesting, sawing, and selling firewood do not require high costs and special skills. But there is one feature – it is better to harvest firewood in summer, and the main peak of sales falls in the autumn-winter period. Potential buyers will be mainly owners of private houses, and in the summer you can work with barbecues, owners of baths, and saunas. Dry firewood is in the greatest demand, therefore it is necessary to store it in a dry ventilated room. It is best to harvest birch with logs or logs.


According to the law, for the harvesting of firewood, you must obtain a permit and draw up a contract for the lease of forests. This document allows you to export firewood from a specific area. Mostly it is allowed to cut down only trees that have been blown down by the wind and damaged by pests.

Food and Beverage Business Ideas

The sale of food and beverages may be based on the sale of own products or only on the services of a reseller. In the first case, more significant financial costs and compliance with a number of regulatory requirements will be required.

Sale of kvass

Street trade in kvass during the summer season brings a good profit, especially if you produce kvass yourself. If there are not enough funds to organize the actual production, then you can start with the resale of someone else’s products, and over time, resolve the issue with your own workshop.

To sell kvass, you need to obtain permission from the local administration and the SES. You can organize trade in a kiosk or set up a tent and pour kvass from a keg. Such a business is characterized by minimal investment, high profitability and pays off in one season.

Barrel with kvass

Sale of beer

Only public catering establishments and specialized points of sale have the right to sell beer on tap . This business is one of the most profitable and promising, and brings the greatest profit in the summer season. Draft beer is not pasteurized, which is why it tastes better than bottled beer, and is also cheaper, which is why it is in high demand.

Sale of beer

To get a good income without loss, you need to carefully analyze the need, since a live drink can be stored for no more than 7 days. It is recommended to start with small volumes, offering several varieties from different price categories.

Ice cream trade

Demand for ice cream rises sharply during the summer, and its sale can bring good profits, despite high competition. The ice cream trade is easy to organize, does not require special knowledge, and the markup during the season can be higher than 100%.

ice cream machine

To implement a business idea, the easiest way is to open a street sale point by installing a chest freezer with a sun visor on a trolley. This option is beneficial in the sense that you can always change the place depending on the availability of buyers.

Ice cream production

Ice cream production is most profitable from April to October. To increase competitiveness, new flavor combinations can be offered along with the most popular types of products. Important conditions for the success of the enterprise are the originality of the product, excellent taste, high quality and reasonable price.

Ice cream production

It is also possible to combine production and sale if you buy a freezer – an apparatus for the production of soft ice cream, installed on a special trolley. This option requires a minimum of costs compared to open a workshop. And ice cream prepared immediately before purchase inspires confidence among customers.

Sale of cotton candy

The cotton candy business is another option for summer earnings, which allows you to get high profits during the season without much effort. The best time to start is mid-spring. The end of sales depends on the weather, but most often occurs in early October. In the future, you can continue selling in a large shopping or entertainment center.

Sale of cotton candy and popcorn

To implement the project, you need to find a good crowded place, and even more profitable – to purchase a special trolley equipped with an apparatus and transport it as needed. The cost of the equipment is relatively small, no special skills are required. Popcorn is usually sold along with cotton wool.

Summer cafe

Summer cafe is an attractive seasonal business. With the advent of warm weather, most visitors to various catering establishments prefer open areas to socialize and spend time outdoors. The start date of the season is determined locally. So, in Moscow, it is possible to install summer cafes from prefabricated structures from March 15, and they need to be dismantled before November 15. Such establishments can operate from April 1 to November 1. In regions with a milder or harsher climate, these dates are shifted in one direction or another.

Summer cafe

For catering establishments, many standards and rules have been approved. They need to be known and observed, which makes this business difficult to organize.


Shish kebab is a common and beloved by many dishes that needs to be cooked on open coals, which is quite difficult at home. Therefore, barbecue houses are always popular with the general population and are distinguished by high attendance, despite the competition.


A seasonal project is usually narrowly focused and involves the installation of a temporary tent or the arrangement of a roadside cafe, the menu of which offers skewers of various types of meat with sauce, salads, and drinks. It also requires compliance with the requirements of SES and Rospotrebnadzor.

Barbecue production

The production of barbecue involves the manufacture of marinated meat and its packaging in plastic containers (buckets). This is a profitable, but seasonal business, since kebabs are fried outdoors mainly in the warm season.

Barbecue production

To open a business, you will need cutting tables, a set of knives, the meat itself and marinade components, as well as packaging. On ready marinated meat for shish kebabs very high margins are set, while the labor and cost costs are rather insignificant.

Food trucks

A food truck is a food truck with a kitchen that sells drinks and fast food. To make good money in such a business, you need to have culinary skills and find profitable places to trade. The main thing in a food truck is a properly equipped kitchen with the most autonomous systems that do not require connections to external sources.

Investments in such an enterprise are very significant, since it will be necessary to purchase and equip a car. You also need to hire 2-3 people to cook and sell products. With a quality organization and the right choice of a place for trading, investments can be recouped within 1 year.

food truck

The best places will be summer vacation spots, tourist gatherings, as well as festivals.

Leasing business ideas

Renting floating houses

A houseboat rental business can be organized in two ways – rent your own house, having previously bought it, or agree with the owner of such a house and divide the income in half. In the second option, the profit will be lower, since the owner will receive 50% of the total cost of payment, and the intermediary will have to pay for the berth or the monthly fee for the ship, as well as maintain the house, take care of maintenance costs and pay taxes.


The cost of renting houses afloat is quite high (usually from 15,000 rubles per day), so even with the indicated costs, the profit will be good. Especially if several such objects are put into operation.

Renting apartments to tourists

Rented apartments are a more practical alternative to hotels. Most tourists prefer to rent a separate apartment rather than a hotel room. In addition, it is much more profitable for landlords to rent an apartment by the day, and not for a long time, since prices in this segment are much higher.

True, the risks here are also higher, since temporary guests often behave carelessly. Therefore, the apartment must be insured before renting out. In addition, the difficulties associated with finding customers and the need for thorough cleaning after each of them.

Rental of bicycles and scooters

Bicycle rental is a simple seasonal business that requires certain investments for the purchase of rental objects. It is necessary to purchase at least 10 bicycles and spare parts for them to maintain a good technical condition.

Bicycles for rent

Such a business is popular with urban residents who do not need to purchase bicycle equipment for the sake of several trips out of town in the warm season and have nowhere to store it with the onset of cold weather. In addition, several types of bicycles are available at the rental point, including expensive ones, which not everyone can afford. Therefore, the rental point allows the owner to recoup the initial investment in one season.

Rental of roller skates and skateboards

Rollerblades and skateboard rentals are another opportunity to earn good money during the summer season. It is precisely because of the seasonality of roller skating and skateboarding that fans of this activity are in no hurry to buy this expensive sports equipment, but prefer to rent it.

Roller Skates

The advantages of such a business include the ease of organization and high profitability. The money invested in opening a business usually pays off within the first season and immediately brings a good additional income.

Renting ATVs

Renting ATVs is a larger-scale business project that requires large expenses for the purchase of expensive motorcycles. But the income here is much higher.


It is advisable to open an ATV rental office outside the city, near tourist and recreation centers or other places where vacationers gather. The best option is a resort area in the forest or near a reservoir.

Business ideas for organizing summer tourism and recreation

Rafting and recreation

Rafting on the rivers is carried out on kayaks or rafts. The first option is more extreme and is of more interest to athletes, and the second is suitable for a wide range of clients, since it is carried out with a calm flow and with minimal risk. Kayaks and rafts must be maintained in good condition to prevent injury. In addition, tourists should be provided with equipment, life jackets, tents for living.

River rafting

Rafting on the rivers is designed for several days, the food is prepared by the tourists themselves. For this reason, the cost of doing business will be small, and the investment will pay off in a few months.


Summer is the season of festivals. But in Russia, especially in small towns, they are rarely held, although there is a demand for them. The organization of such a mass event only seems to be a laborious and complicated matter, but in reality everything is much simpler. If there are no alcoholic drinks at the celebration, then the local authorities issue a permit without any problems.

The festival

The festival can be prepared by two people in 2 weeks. All expenses are paid off immediately, and the profit is incommensurable with investments (you can get more than 1000%). This is due to the fact that such an event is an excellent platform for large companies that act as its sponsors.

Work on affiliate programs with travel companies and aggregators

Millions of people search the Internet every month for suitable vacation tours. This niche is an endless source of potential customers because people prefer to relax every year and it is not difficult to make money on it. Travel companies have affiliate programs through which you can sell tickets, hotel rooms or entire tours, receiving good rewards for this.

This type of income is best suited for owners of travel sites or blogs with high regular traffic or the possibility of attracting it. You just need to choose a suitable affiliate program of travel companies and / or aggregators that match the theme of the site, and you can immediately start earning.