10 Ways to Make Your Pushups Harder

Push-ups are one of the easiest exercises to learn in school. It can be performed with your own weight and it is easy to master the technique. Push-ups are added to various training programs as an additional or final exercise. To make push-ups even more effective, you can change the technique and complicate the exercise.

Increase the number of repetitions

If you do the same number of push-ups every workout for a long time, the effectiveness will decrease. The body gets used to the load and the benefits of the exercise are reduced.

To complicate push-ups, do the maximum number of repetitions on every second workout. Before that, you need to do a couple of warm-up sets to prepare the muscles. Every second workout, add 2-4 sets.

Note: A resident of the United States got into the Guinness Book of Records in the 60s due to the fact that he performed 6,000 push-ups without interruption and rest.

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