What happens to your body when you eat bananas every day?

From migraine to happiness – how does the fruit, which is one of the five most popular in the world, affect the body

The incredible popularity of bananas has provided them with a solid habitat (it is grown in 107 countries) and commercial value. It is the fourth best-selling fruit on the planet. It would be wise to learn a little more about its composition and nutritional properties. And decide – is it worth eating bananas every day?


What happens to your body when you eat bananas every day?

Potassium is one of the most important nutrients that is used to generate electrical charge within cells for proper functioning. It triggers the release of insulin to control blood sugar and maintain optimal blood pressure.

Studies have shown that a high potassium intake of up to 20% reduces the risk of death from most diseases! Adults are recommended to consume 3500-4700 mg of this important nutrient per day, depending on lifestyle and other factors. The average banana contains about 450 mg, which is already solid. It turns out that to satisfy this norm from one source, you will need to eat about 7 or 8 bananas. But remember that excess potassium can be dangerous for people with kidney problems.

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